Fibrous biomatrixes

Fibrous biomatRixes

We provide services for the regenerative medicine sector in the development of functionalized electrospun scaffolds, closely mimicking the structure of the native environment of the cells.
Fibrous matrixes are composed of fibres from nanometers to micrometers in diameter, having high porosity and large surface areas, which resemble the extracellular matrix structure in terms of the chemistry and dimensions. The process allows for control of fiber diameter, porosity, fiber orientation, hydrophilicity, surface roughness, and sample thickness.
Electrospinning techniques including solvent electrospinning, melt electrospinning, cryogenic electrospinning modification, and wet type electrospinning are employed. Bio and synthetic polymers and their blends are used for this process.
Pre and post functionalization of matrixes by surface physical and chemical modification, as well as functionalization by growth factors, pharmaceuticals is provided. The matrixes can be also functionalized by the combination of nano/micro particles with nano/micro fiber structures by co-electrospraying.

Fields of application:

• Vascular bioengineering;
• Bone bioengineering;
• Cartilage bioengineering;
• Nerve bioengineering;
• Spinal cord bioengineering;
• Skin regeneration

Matrixes for cell cultivation

We can design and produce polymeric nano/micro fiber matrices for cell cultivation and toxicity testing models. Solvent and melt electrospinning techniques are used for the production of membranes from a wide variety of polymers and their blends. Membranes with controlled fiber diameter, fiber density, pore size and porosity, hydrophilicity, size and thickness, as well as surface properties can be designed addressing the needs of specific applications.