Our Expertise

About us

We are startup of Kaunas University of Technology, with the background in process engineering. Our primary scope is converting recent advances in additive manufacturing, electrospinning, and biocompatible matrixes from scientific scale to industrial scale applications. Our areas of interest cover biomed and cleantech sectors, but expanding to many challenges from variety of industries.​

Why work with us

We are not just R&D company, although we do make our own machines from scratch. We are PhDs in chemistry and technology thus specifically underpinning the processes for your needs and applications. We spent 10 recent years researching and applying electrospinning to multiple solutions, thus having unique expertise that goes beyond simple fibre fabrication.

We have close cooperation with the University eco-system in Lithuania, including Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Centre of Innovative Medicine and others. This cooperation allows in depth testing and characterization of the developed technology and matrixes, including microscopy, spectroscopy, mechanical tests, and in vitro tests.

Our staff comprised of scientists having deep expertise in grant proposal development and project management. As a company, we have implemented or implementing 5 development projects, with the total funding approaching 0.5 MEur. 


Project: Commercialization of cosmetic preparations with bioactive substances in hydrocoloidal matrixes. project  No. 01.2.2-MITA-K-702-06-0009) from the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) for the commercialization of therapeutic cosmetic products with bioactive substances in hydrocolloid matrixes utilising technological opportunities provided by 3D fibre printing technology. Project has been completed in October of 2021.

Project: 3D constructs for cell cultivation for in vitro investigations (No. TPP-04-077, Led by Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is implementing a project, funded by the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology). Project aims at the commercialization of porous structures obtained by additive manufacturing – 3D fibre printing – for cultivation of specific cells in vitro and to optimize their composition for toxicity studies on substances. Project will be completed in November of 2022.

Contracted manufacturing: Selection of bioactive material and characterization of membrane (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences), 2021.

Contracted manufacturing: Fabrication and production of microfibrous substrate (Kaunas University of Technology), 2022.